It's not too late to start over

"Is it too late to start?"

10 years ago, when I started learning to code, I constantly struggled with self-doubt.
I don't think I had a knack for it, but all these people on the Internet seem to figure it all out.
Even people the same age as me or even younger than me—those brilliant folks who have completed the Math Olympiad and earned medals since elementary school.
I remember searching this question on Quora every now and then: "Is it too late to learn coding at 15?"
Until I found out the first blog from one of those brilliant folks. They also had the same doubts when they were starting.
This baffled me. Since then, I persisted. I resisted. The urge to give up.

It's not all smooth sailing. But I didn't expect I would deserve the last 10 years to be this rewarding.
I got to study CS at one of the best universities in my country.
I flew to the US to intern at FAANG, with a net negative net worth to cover the cost.
I relocated and lived in Singapore for a year, working in one of the fastest-growing startups in the world.
I traveled abroad to my dream country for the first time.
I'm going to get married soon, completely with my own savings.
All of these because I didn't give up on coding.

So, this is a reminder. To myself.

That it's never too late.


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